Doocrate Basics

How Doocrate works

Join (Or create a project) to collaboratively manage an event Invite people into your project Create tasks create tasks Assign yourself to a task to take responsibility and be a task hero

Navigating Doocrate

Doocrate is built in a very simple and intuitive way - all projects can be found in "All the projects in the world" page.

Every project is made out of tasks that have been taken care of or tasks that are open for you to accomplish.

You can always take responsibility for a task, advise by adding your comments to it or create new tasks.

Create a new task

By pressing "add a new task" you are welcome to add tasks you find necessary.

New task window

Every task must have a task name and a description which would be displayed in the project page.

Tags are also a necessary input - you can tag the task in your own tag or a popular one, so that people could find your task. we find this is crucial to managing events in flat management.

After you add a task - you choose whether to take the responsibillity or leave it for someone else.